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How to Lower Your Employee Turnover Rate


Because we provide leadership development in New York City, New York, we understand that a lot of businesses experience high employee turnover rates. That is why, we want to give you tips to help you retain quality employees.

  • Invest in employee development programs.
    As a CEO, you should put their development first so you can increase their engagement and retention. You may offer them opportunities wherein they can take on more obligations and improve their skills. Be proactive in facilitating seminars, training camps, and having one-on-one discussions with your team leaders.
  • Be more flexible regarding work options.
    After the pandemic, remote work is becoming one of the leading reasons employees choose a certain job. While you may still need employees in the office, you can offer flexible working hours or allow them to alternate between remote and on-site work. You may also provide options for freelance and contract-based work.
  • Keep your top performers engaged.
    It is good for business growth when your top performers are engaged. Generally, the most productive employees are usually the most at risk of burnout. So, you need to listed to them and their ideas as well as offer solutions to their work-related issues. You can also provide them better benefits and exclusive training. This way, you can keep your top employees happy and motivate the other employees to improve as well.

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