Transform Your Performance

Hyper-achieving CEOs and senior executives know that performance matters. But for many, defining exactly what performance is supposed to look like is a challenge, let alone measuring it, developing the necessary skill sets, and deriving deeper satisfaction from increased performance. This is an even bigger challenge for business leaders preparing for retirement.

My name is John Furth and I help clients deal with day-to-day issues, challenges, and opportunities with less stress, more confidence, and better results. Through two frameworks I’ve developed, “The Owning Tomorrow Performance Model” and “The Six Plus Two P’s of Leadership”, clients discover the importance of accountability, maintaining discipline and good habits, and starting a virtuous cycle of continuous learning.


But the work doesn’t end there. At some point, my clients’ confidence, courage, and commitment increase to such an extent that they find themselves able to achieve greater things than they originally thought. When that happens, they have taken an important first step to transformation, a journey that becomes more exciting and rewarding every day.

For more information and to access videos explaining my performance and leadership models in more depth, please go to the “About John” tab of this website.


What Kind of Disruptive Leader Are You?

The best disruptive leaders combine both cutting-edge as well as existing technologies, business models and management techniques to powerfully transform companies, industries and even the lives of millions, if not billions, of people on a global scale.

These transformative leaders also create immense wealth for themselves and their investors, senior executives, and employees.

John Furth’s Disruptive Leadership Diagnostic™ is the first assessment of its kind. It is based on the same research he used to write his book Owning Tomorrow. The results of this assessment will help you better understand your strengths, as well as areas of development so that you too can become an unstoppable force of disruption and own your tomorrow now.

The Disruptive Leadership Diagnostic™ can be taken by anyone who leads an organization such as a CEO, President or Owner. Employees, as well as Trusted Advisors who provide professional services to these organizations, will also find the results of their assessments just as illuminating.

The assessment should not take more than 10 minutes to fill out. You’ll be able to see your results once you’ve answered all of the questions and clicked the submit button.