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Hyper-achieving CEOs and senior executives know that performance matters. But for many, defining exactly what performance is supposed to look like is a challenge, let alone measuring it, developing the necessary skill sets, and deriving deeper satisfaction from increased performance. This is an even bigger challenge for business leaders preparing for retirement.

My name is John Furth and I help clients deal with day-to-day issues, challenges, and opportunities with less stress, more confidence, and better results. Through two frameworks I’ve developed, “The Owning Tomorrow Performance Model” and “The Six Plus Two P’s of Leadership”, clients discover the importance of accountability, maintaining discipline and good habits, and starting a virtuous cycle of continuous learning.


But the work doesn’t end there. At some point, my clients’ confidence, courage, and commitment increase to such an extent that they find themselves able to achieve greater things than they originally thought. When that happens, they have taken an important first step to transformation, a journey that becomes more exciting and rewarding every day.

For more information and to access videos explaining my performance and leadership models in more depth, please go to the “About John” tab of this website.


What You Can Expect

When you book me for a speech, workshop, or training session, you’re going to have an immersive learning experience tailored to the interests of your audience.

You will be engaged by real-life stories, relevant new research and ideas, and disruptive perspectives that open up new possibilities and opportunities. Interactive exercises provide additional insights and key ‘ah-ha’ moments.

You’ll also pick up some easy-to-implement techniques that will energize and motivate you to transform some aspect—large or small—of your life.

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30 Years of Public Speaking

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Fears often act as formidable barriers to pursuing your desired outcomes and dreams. They kept me from starting my own venture until I was 63. When I achieved the success I was looking for, I had to ask myself why I hadn’t done it sooner.

Whether you’re an entrepreneur or business owner, or a senior executive near retirement, you’ll quickly recognize my fears – the fear of failure, looking foolish, being rejected, financial instability, and more – are also yours.

Like irrational fears, self-limiting beliefs and perceptions that run contrary to reality can hinder your true potential. I’ve learned to help others recognize and live with their fears, unproductive beliefs, and perceptions by offering tools and techniques that have worked for me.

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These include learning to really listen to and in some cases neutralize your inner voices, understand your true purpose, and stop disempowering yourself and those around you. They are all designed to create a greater understanding of and empathy for yourself.

You’ll leave the sessions inspired, eager to embrace your journey, and committed to pursuing increasingly larger and more challenging results, regardless of any fears, beliefs, or perceptions that may stand in your way.

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Popular Speeches and Workshops

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Over 50 and Suddenly an Entrepreneur

What do you do if you’re past 50 and can’t or don’t want to continue your corporate career, but still need to make money and do something impactful and satisfying? You become an entrepreneur!

  • Unearth the true purpose of your later years in three steps.
  • Learn how to build a business vs. building a career.
  • Avoid the four most common mistakes that kill 70% of all start-ups and new ventures in the first year.
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The Achilles Heel of the Hyper-Achieving CEO

While hyper-achievers are ambitious and highly motivated, they can also come across as uncaring and easily stressed. They often sabotage what matters most to them – success.

  • Discover if you are a hyper-achiever.
  • Learn how to recognize and get rid of behaviors that sabotage your success and well-being.
  • Learn how to productively live and work with a hyper-achiever.
John Furth speaking

The Retirement Conundrum: To Be or Not to Be

If you are near or already in retirement and are committed to being impactful, personally fulfilled, and financially secure, you’ll have to challenge many of the assumptions about yourself, the world, and what makes you happy.

  • Uncover the beliefs you’ve been sold about post-corporate life that are crushing your ability to take action.
  • Find out how to transform uncertainty into excitement as you write the next chapter of your story.
  • Discover how to use your experience and wisdom to guide and help others.
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The Owning Tomorrow Performance Workshop

A two-day seminar that helps performance-oriented individuals become compelling leaders.

  • Align your beliefs/mindsets, actions, and decisions with the outcomes you desire.
  • Unleash your ability to achieve bigger and better results.
  • Learn how to derive high performance from the people who work for you.


“John did a great job differentiating between highly successful CEOs whose companies transform the world and those who end up destroying a significant amount of the value of their businesses. This and other thought-provoking ideas generated some very lively discussion” – Walter Burr, Co-founder of AlertMe and The Accelerating Companies Fund

“Thank you so much for presenting at Consult-Con. You were one of our top ranked speakers.” – Henry DeVries, CEO, Indie Books International LLC

“John took what could have been an esoteric and/or theoretical conversation about business disruption and disruptive leadership and made it entertaining, informative and insightful. He also made sure the audience left with a few key how-to’s and ideas for their businesses.” – Doug Strouse, President of the CEO Club of Baltimore

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