Business Owner Coaching in New York City

My Ideal Client

I work with business owners, Presidents, CEOs, and senior executives who want to take themselves and their organizations to the next level.

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Some are looking to improve their company’s growth and/or bottom line. Some need to make changes to their business model, possibly involving a reorganization, digital transformation or an overhaul of their product lines.

Many of my clients want to lower their stress levels and increase their energy, focus and confidence. They want to grow as leaders and improve their productivity so they can spend more quality time with family and friends.

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But fundamentally, my ideal clients embrace the opportunity of working as a member of a group of peers and/or with an experienced businessman, coach and consultant like me. They know this is the best way to get agenda-free advice, generate new ideas, receive honest feedback and learn new skills.

When I take on a new client or member for my Vistage group, I make a commitment to dramatically increase their own and their organization’s performance and results. In return, I expect them to take on the challenge of personal and professional change and growth.

That requires a high degree of openness and vulnerability and the willingness to question and transform unproductive beliefs and disempowering behaviors.

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While many people are good at learning, my clients don’t just learn, they hold themselves accountable to APPLY those learnings to their lives and businesses.

And that makes all the difference in the world.

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Business Owner Coaching in New York City

The Furth Difference

What do I bring to the table?

  • Empathy: Having been a business leader for many years, I’ve felt your excitement and joy but also your disappointments and hardships and I’ve learned how to navigate both.
  • Experience: I have worked with 100’s of CEOs and senior executives for over 30 years.
  • Guidance: I will lead you through the challenges of personal and professional growth, helping you navigate the change and create positive results for you and your company.
  • Knowledge: Every day I learn something new. I write blogs, give presentations and make videos as a way to work through epiphanies and new learnings and communicate them to a broad audience.
  • A straightforward and collaborative approach: It’s not about me being right or having all the answers but about exploring and finding solutions that are right for you and your business.
  • Focus on results: I never forget why you’re working with me and look forward to celebrating your successes and achievements.

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My Service Offerings


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Vistage’s platform enables CEOs, business owners and senior executives to share their expertise and challenge one another to think critically as part of a peer-to-peer advisory group. As a Vistage chair I recruit and run Chief Executive groups based in the NYC-metro region.

Membership in Vistage includes:
  • Monthly facilitated group meetings
  • Experienced and agenda-free 1-2-1 coaching
  • Access to a network of 28,000 CEOs, business owners, and senior executive Vistage members around the world
  • Expert speakers and events
  • Training programs to develop senior executives’ leadership abilities

Individual Coaching

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Some business leaders are less suited to group work as a way to achieve a high level of learning and growth. For that reason, I also provide services and tailored programs for clients who prefer to work with me individually, such as:

  • Leadership coaching for newly minted/first-year CEOs
  • Business coaching for company owners and hired CEOs
  • Transition coaching
  • Business partner dispute resolution

Training and Development

Mr. John F. Furth

I create and deliver bespoke programs for companies and non-profits. Often these involve coaching modules and extensive interviews and planning meetings as part of the overall program.

Recent projects include:
  • Training programs to develop senior executives’ leadership abilities
  • Multi-day strategic planning processes
  • Visioning and core values workshops

Mr. John F. Furth

I also put together online learning (“how to”) sessions open to the general public. These are usually produced and led by me using platforms like LinkedIn Live and TalentTalk.

Past topics have included:
  • “Avoiding the Myths, Misconceptions and Mistakes of Marketing”
  • “If Your Sales Fail, So Does Your Business”
  • “Who Keeps the CEO Up at Night More? Customers or Employees”
  • “There’s no ‘I’ in Entrepreneur”