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The Traits of a Highly Effective CEO

Are you a business owner, or are you planning to start one someday? If so, then you should understand that being a CEO comes with plenty of responsibility, whether you want to be the CEO of a huge company or a small business.

A leader should always be ready to grow and improve so that they can properly manage an ever-changing team. That is why, as a Vistage group in New York City, we will happily share with you some of the best characteristics that an effective CEO should have.

  • Focused on their business goals.
    Good CEOs have already set their personal and business goals, so they have something to look forward to and something to inspire them to exert their best efforts.
  • Knows how to properly communicate with their staff and clients.
    When you own your own business, communication is essential. This, however, works both ways. Check in with your leadership team and employees to ensure you are communicating with them and that they are communicating with you.
  • Knows how to lead their people with respect.
    Your company may have other managers, but it is critical that the CEO leads their people. This can take many forms, but one example is providing some level of direction to your managers and employees. Even though you are the leader, it is also important to pay attention to your employees’ ideas, collaborate with them, and work toward a common goal.

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