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Video: Ray Kroc’s Lessons for Disruptive Leaders

You probably know the famous Golden Arches. You might have even tried the food. Perhaps you saw the movie. But you may not have realized that Ray Kroc made McDonald’s into one of the most disruptive companies ever.

Like all great disruptive CEOs, Ray Kroc didn’t invent anything new. He took ideas from other industries – and even from his business partners – to improve the hamburger restaurant experience. His new system was more efficient, hygienic, cost-effective and made his product available to billions of people.

At first, Ray Kroc put 1000’s of small hamburger joints out of business…but he also made millionaires out of many of them.

Watch the video above to learn more about how business disruption can be applied to your business…even when you’re not in the high-tech industry.

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