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Common Leadership Mistakes CEOs Commit

Every person can become a leader. And that’s why we must not perceive CEOs as all-knowing individuals, for they, too, have room for improvement. As a Vistage group in New York City, we’ve helped many CEOs determine their leadership errors and re-shift their focus to yield better results. The most common mistakes CEOs commit are as follows:

  • Leaving emotions out of the equation

    CEOs handle business systems and people. Leaders must recognize how emotions affect business growth when dealing with the latter. Business owners must not place themselves on a pedestal that alienates them and ignores their worker’s feelings. Research has shown that the fear of committing losses drives people more than potential rewards. Acknowledging such emotions will go a long way.

  • Avoiding conflict resolutions

    Addressing conflicts can make or break a leader. Promoters of leadership development in New York City, New York, have witnessed how underlying disagreements significantly diverge employees from reaching a common goal. Resolving internal conflicts is still a part of a leader’s responsibility, and CEOs must find ways to absolve them healthily, regardless of how daunting it may seem.

  • Lacking vision and direction

    A company’s vision and mission statements exist to direct a business. When business owners focus more on achieving short-term growth, they may unintentionally lead the company away from their primary aspirations. CEO coaching in New York City will help leaders learn strategies to help them monitor progress and how these factors affect the bigger picture: their company’s overall growth.

As a trusted leadership coach in New York City, John Frederick Furth readily helps CEOs correct leadership mistakes objectively. Dial +1-917-626-0065 today to begin your endeavor of becoming a leader worth following.

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